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​Our School currently the school operates with four classes, all of which are multi-age classes. The structure and class teachers are:​

​Brendan Maynard
​REC Coordinator
Mr Paul Corcoran
​Kindergarten/Year 1
​​Mrs Angela Canellis 
​Year 2
Miss Hayley Dywer
​Year 3/4
​Mr Paul Corcoran and Mrs Nicky Merriman
​Year 5/6
​​Mrs Joanne Beath and Mr Brendan Maynard
​In addition to these classroom teachers we have:​​
​Learning Support/Reading Recovery Teacher
​Mrs Anne Corcoran
​Numeracy Intervention Program Teacher​
​Mr Paul Corcoran
​Mrs Nicky Merriman
​Arts Teacher and Welfare and Well Being coordinator
​Mrs Anna Evans
​Library Teacher
​Mrs Anne Corcoran
​Learning Assistants
​Mrs Julie Harton
​​Administration Officer
​Sharon McGrath






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St Joseph's Primary School
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Phone: +61 (0) 2 63853263​


  • Our Vision: "Creating Innovating Celebrating"