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An important element of our School is the wearing of a school uniform as we believe that this creates a pride in ones self and a pride in the School.  All children will be expected to wear the School Uniform unless a note from  parents indicate an inability to do so.

Uniforms are available from the School and local suppliers.  A clothing pool is also available.  (Updated Uniform Order Form 2016.pdf).  This form can then be emailed to

In Terms One and Four, School hats are an essential part of the uniform. Our policy is "No Hat-No play in the sun".

Students are encouraged to wear a hat or beanie during terms two and three.




    • Tartan Pinafore
    • White Blouse with Peter Pan Collar
    • Navy Blue Tights
    • White socks (mid season)Black School Shoes
    • Navy Blue Woollen Jumper



    • Blue and White Uniform
    • Short White socks
    • Black School Shoes or Brown
    • Blue School Hat
    • Navy Blue Jumper (if necessary)​

 Girls Sports Uniform

    • Green and Gold tracksuit (with logo)
    • Green and Gold Polo Shirt (with logo)
    • Green Skirt/Green Unisex Shorts
    • White Socks
    • Blue, Black or White Sports Shoes 

 Boys Winter Uniform

    • Grey Trousers
    • Mid Blue Long Sleeve Shirt
    • Navy Blue Tie
    • Grey Socks
    • Navy Blue Woollen Jumper
    • Black School Shoes​/Boots


 Boys Summer Uniform


    • Grey Shorts
    • Mid Blue Shirt
    • Long Grey Socks
    • Black School Shoes/Boots
    • Navy Blue Jumper (if necessary)​


 Boys Sports Uniform

    • Green and Gold Tracksuits (with logo)
    • Green and Gold Shirt (with logo)
    • Green shorts with gold stripe/Green Unisex Shorts​
    • White Socks or Green and Hold Hooped Football Socks
    • Black, Blue or white Sports shoes ​

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  • Our Vision: "Creating Innovating Celebrating"