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Welcome To St Josephs Primary School (Boorowa)


​​​​19-21 Scott Street, BOOROWA  NSW  2586

Phone: 63853263

St Joseph's is a Catholic Primary School located in Boorowa, approximately one and one-half hours from Canberra. For the last 125 years, St Joseph's has provided and continues to provide an educational experience that develops the academic, creative, social, and spiritual dimensions of each student. St Joseph's is a small community school servicing the town and surrounding region. We take great delight in watching students from our school continue their education through secondary school and in many cases tertiary institutions and then into their chosen vocation. 

For a small school we offer a wide range of programs to stimulate and challenge the students. Our award winning BEEP program is an example of this (see extra activities link). Other offerings include the whole school play, music tuition, robotics, a variety of sporting opportunities, and public speaking. St Joseph's also has a 1:1 iPad programme to enhance the learning of the students.


Being a small school allows St Joseph's to have a strong sense of community. The parents are always welcome at the school and are a welcome presence in many of the classrooms. Many school events help build the sense of community and allows new parents to meet existing parents.  


The school is proud of its buildings and facilities. Our extensive grounds, which includes a large range of undercover play equipment, gives the students plenty of space to take part in both structured and instructed games.  


The school has strong links to St Patrick's Parish with the Church located nearby. It is the focal point for many of our celebrations and liturgies, including our regular School Masses.  


God Bless 

Brendan Maynard​



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Welcome to Term Three

Students return to school this Tuesday 18th July. We hope you have all had a wonderful, restful and safe holiday and are ready for the exciting term ahead. We are looking forward to hearing all about our students' amazing holiday adventures.
See you on Tuesday!

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Andrew Chinn

On Tuesday 18th we begin the school term with a Whole School Excursion! Students will travel to Trinity Murrumburrah to engage in workshops with Andrew Chinn from Butterfly Music. Andrew is the creator of many of the songs we sing in our prayer times and liuturgies. What an amazing way to start the new term!