School Fees

A family fee set by the Catholic Education Commission Archdiocese of Canberra Goulburn is payable each term.  In addition to these fees there is a


lso a School Resource Levy which is a Family Fee and a Consumable Levy which is a per child fee. There is also a Technology Levy which is a student fee.  

It is the policy of St Joseph’s School that the inability to pay School Fees should never be a reason for exclusion from a Catholic school and parents are encouraged to speak with the Principal regarding this matter so that arrangements can be made. 

2024 Fees 

Tuition Fees: ​$375 per family (per term) (set by the Catholic Education Commission)
Resource Levy: ​$115.50 per child (per term)
School Resource Levy:
 $126.00 per family (per term)
Technology Levy: ​$48.25 per child (per term)