Our School

Creating, Innovating, Celebrating

St Joseph's is a Catholic school community that strives to prepare students to be life-long learners; challenging and supporting them to achieve their best and to be active members in our global community, guided by the teachings of Christ.

We strive to be a school that:

  • Is inclusive of the whole community.
  • Nurtures young minds for the challenges of making the future bright
  • Encourages children to do their best and believes making mistakes are a part of growing.
  • Has teachers working in partnership with families, Parish and the wider community.
  • Develops the educational, social, physical and religious dimensions of a student.
  • Keeps abreast of changing education and technological changes.
  • Cares for the environment.
  • Provides a safe, clean environment in which the students learn.​

School Hours 

School commences ​9.00 am
​Recess   ​11.00 am - 11.25 am
Lunch    ​1.00 pm - 1.50 pm
School Concludes 3​.15 pm

School Office

Mrs Sharon McGrath is the Administration Officer at St Joseph's Primary School. She is able to answer a range of enquiries about our school, make appointments with staff or provide enrolment packages. Sharon is available each day except Friday from 9.00am to 4:00pm.


​02 6385 3263


​02 6385 3748



School Board 

Mr Chris Coble ​President
Mr Brendan Maynard ​Principal
​Rep - Deacon Patrick Whales ​Parish Priest
Mr John Bowman ​Vice President
Mr Paul Corcoran ​Staff Rep
Mrs Annabel Scott ​Treasurer
Mr John Bowman ​Member
Mr Steve Miles ​Member
Mrs Bubs Kelly ​Member
Mr Kylie Whittaker ​Member
Mrs Kate Manges ​Member
Mrs Rachel Taylor Member/Fundraising