St Patrick's Church

One of the essential traits of our Catholic Church is that it is 'missionary' in its very essence. It is always a 'work in progress' and it means that the Church is never able to see itself as a 'completed product'.

Our Catholic Schools are a vital means of enabling the Church to both educate both her students and their parents as to what it means to live, to know about and then to share the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

This never an easy or a straight forward thing to do for anyone as there is a need to both know a culture in which a message needs to be conveyed.

Please as parents remember how vital your role is in being 'the first and the most important educators of faith' for your child. That you are able to do that effectively is so important. Please be assured that our teachers and myself are with you in fulfilling your own mission.

Fr Tom Thorton
Parish Priest



Fr James Onoja

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