Boorowa Educational Excursion Program

The Boorowa Educational Excursion Program (BEEP) is a unique initiative run by St Joseph's Primary School, within the rural district of Boorowa. Each year the Year 6 students invite students from city schools to help them learn about environmental and agricultural issues. The excursion involves travelling to many farms in the district to meet farmers at work and learn about their enterprises and personal stories.

Emphasis is placed on environmental knowledge and skills, and the current changes in agriculture are studied as each farmer shares their experience. General topics cover:

      • Production and processes of agricultural commodities
      • Exports and benefits for Australia
      • Historical and current farming practices
      • Environment issues, weather and reparation projects
      • Interdependence of rural communities


To develop relationships for city and country students in an authentic agricultural environment. It also aims to welcome city students into the life of a rural community.


Itineraries are always flexible with the needs of visitors, teachers, farmers, seasons and weather considered. Excursion costs vary according to length of stay; two day or three day. Costs do not include coach travel.


We would be delighted if you would consider bringing your school to visit us. Please contact the school office if you are interested.